MoodMeditation (full text)

For Abbahjí the key to Well-Being is the discovery of what you are, which is different from who you are, because only then can you find and treat the obstacles that obstruct Well-Being, and can you reach a state of harmony and contentment in which the full human potential is expressed. The Well-Being he talks about is more than satisfaction and appreciation. It goes beyond living and it equally refers to living, dying and after-living.

Because you are the object of your own observation, you cannot discover what you are by just thinking about it. You need to stalk yourself in an indirect manner and for this you need specific instruments. Meditation, contemplation, concentration, recitation, attunement and ritual are such instruments. Abbahjí gives us another instrument, which is unique and particularly effective for this time, he calls it MoodMeditation.

MoodMeditation is rooted in the shamanic method in which the healer enters a different state of consciousness in order to perform a healing or for giving an advice from a different angle. The state in which Abbahjí gives MoodMeditation is essential. The listener or receiver merely needs to relax in an open state of mind for MoodMeditation to perform its beneficial alchemy.

We live in different dimensions and each dimension resonates in a different way. The resonance of thinking is very different from that of emotion. In our dimension of emotion we find our memories and also the programmes that we create from experiences and with which we shape our new experiences. These programmes are unconscious responses and they reflect our state of being. When for instance you have a fearful disposition, your response is likely to be defensive and consequently you create a programme that reflects this defensive state. All experiences are reflected in programmes. Some programmes are beneficial and others are detrimental for Well-Being. The essential key is not in what we experience but in how we experience what we experience. For Abbahjí dealing with these programmes is the task we have to perform in living, with the aim of transforming them in such a way that our experience of life, regardless of the actual circumstances, generates Well-Being. When we do not manage our programmes appropriately they will be reflected in stress, anxiety, disease and general unhappiness.

The dimension of emotion is called the Causal field because it determines how we experience. It is an unconscious field that cannot be communicated with by rational considerations. Healing and managing the causal field happens through a communication without a need for signs or words. Sound is a very adequate carrier of such communication. It is this characteristic which is the basis of MoodMeditation.

MoodMeditation is a way of causal communication that because it is performed in a particular state of consciousness is able to manage the obstructions in the causal field in a beneficial manner.

The intention that flows through the sounds has a very beneficial influence on the listener and the alchemy that is activated in MoodMeditation has proven to be very effective for healing and for general harmonization. It is an instrument in itself and at the same time it is very supportive when you also engage in other spiritual exercises such as meditation and contemplation. In general people have experienced benefit from regularly opening themselves for MoodMeditation.

MoodMeditation & Mood of the Day can be listened to worldwide through the online broadcast. Click here for more information.

Apart from situations in which you open yourself specifically for MoodMeditation, the sounds have proven to be very beneficial as a background music in communal areas such as hospitals and other stressful environments. For this purpose an archive is maintained from which CD’s can be ordered reflecting specific needs. Click here for an overview of MoodMeditation Recordings.